In collaboration, Koganecho Area Management Center (Yokohama) and 98B Art Laboratory (Manila) will organize an artist exchange program that aims to establish a creative network between the two cities. For this project, two artists from Yokohama will be hosted in Manila to conduct research with their local artist‐partners. The collaborative research will explore the social and cultural roles of visual languages in Metro Manila. The output of the research will be compiled into a book project that will be distributed to various different libraries across the Asian region. It is hoped that this program will result into a pioneering creative exchange between Yokohama and Manila and also provide an alternative model for Artist‐in‐Residence programs.

Organized by: Koganecho Area Management Center, 98B
Granted by: Pola Art Foundation, Japan Foundation

In Japan
NPO Koganecho Area Management Center
2‐158 Hinodecho, Nakaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Tel: +81‐45‐261‐5467

In the Philippines
413 First United Building, Escolta, Binondo, Manila, Philippines
EMAIL: hello@98‐

The program will be developed in three stages: pre‐residency, residency and post‐residency periods.
1. Pre‐residency (April – July)
A. Information exchange via SNS (April‐July)
Through Facebook and other SNS modes, the participants will begin their discussions by introducing their previous works, exchanging a wide range of ideas, information and interests to develop research itineraries.
B. Study session (June)
Koganecho Area Management Center invites art historian Yuria Furusawa to lecture on Filipino art history.

98B invites artists Buen Calubayan and Leeroy New to share their experiences about Japan as an artist in residence
2. Residency (August)
Visiting‐researchers from Yokohama and host‐researchers from Manila will work as a pair for 2 weeks. Tasks to be done will be based on the initial research plans that were developed during the pre‐residency period. Research begins with key visuals related to “flyover.” Symposium will be held in Manila (August 16, tbd).
3. Post‐Residency(September‐October)
Under the direction of the editor, researchers, curator and advisors will prepare materials for a book project. The books will be distributed to different libraries across Asia and the world.

Project curator
Mayumi Hirano

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