Monthly Archives: August 2012

Yumiko Ishihara, RA will present the product of her research thus far. This will include images, perceptions and feedback from her visits of the various flyovers in Metro Manila. She will also discuss her intent for the final output of her project and how the actual experience affected her process.


Manila never fails to amaze me with its textures, layers and varied characteristics that’s why I looked forward to take Yumiko around the city. And the long walks were worth it! We saw the oldest flyover in Ramon Magsaysay Blvd. and below it is the PNR railway and a wet market. Every flyover has its own distinct personality and I’m happy that I am able to discover these through the research. I hope more Filipinos walk around the city to see more interesting places. 🙂 -Con

We survived the 3-storey footbridge, crazy Cubao, and maze-like Quezon Avenue on the third day. Our investigation in EDSA stretch ended so we rewarded ourselves with quiet fishball time in U.P. Diliman. We walked around the campus and Architecture building with Marika and capped the day with flavored beer in Pino. Tomorrow, we’re off to the City of Manila! -Con